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About Me

My name is Jonathan Mariande. I am a filmmaker in Los Angeles, California. 

I have spent the last 24 years working as a freelance creative with ambitions of directing studio backed feature films, branded commercials, and one day of holding a leadership position at Warner Brothers Studios’ overseeing development and motion-picture production.

I enjoy the process of doing better work than the day before. 

I’ve lived in Los Angeles California for 11 years as of May. 

In my 24 year long career I’ve worked with some of the most elite and prolific motion picture producers and cinematographers.  I’ve documented and photographed a-list music acts, entertainers, models, celebrated personalities and brands.   My production experiences have taken me everywhere, from Louisianas gulf coast to Mesopotamia.  Northern Iraq's ISIS occupied Kurdistan territories, and back again! 

I love collaborating to bring a story to life.  My experience and expertise in Producing stems from many, many projects. Each presenting new or unique challenges and demands.  As the saying goes; 'we do not rise to the occasion, rather we fall to our highest level of preparation.'  

I believe that serving the story must always be the utmost goal.   I have managed creative teams from two to one-hundred people.  Led creatively as a Key Player in all aspects of production from top to bottom.  Above and Below the line.   

Please see the CV below for a condensed list of these responsibilities and projects.

My hope is that all my experiences will serve as an introduction to who I am and what a valuable asset I will bring with my hard work to any team. 

I am the hardest working guy I know.  

my full length movies 

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Director of Photography

Trailer Link


Director of Photography 

Trailer Link 

Murder On the Cape 

Director of Photography


Director of Photography

SWAT: Unit 887

2nd Unit / Pick-up's/ Additional Cinematography

Blood Lines 

2nd Unit / Additional Cinematography

Democracy at Work


Hunky Dory  


Big Ask


A World Away

Producer / Director of Photography


Talent / Special Thanks


Talent / Camera 

All American Zombie Drugs - Co-Producer 

Two Faced - Director of Photography

Rice On White  - Gaffer

Summer Dream  -  Talent

Other Films

EVIL WITHIN - Director of Photography

1 CHANCE 2 DANCE - Gaffer 


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My Television Work


THE WESTBROOKS -  Producer/Director Reality TV

HOLLYWOOD EAST - Associate Producer/Co-Production Company/ Gaffer

IQ-145  - camera

Warner Bro's TV - ONE TREE HILL - Season 1 - 8 - 100 Episodes 

Video Visuals

Miguel - Wildheart Album Promo

Lead Producer and Cinematographer. 

Lair Television: Mindless Behavior for VEVO Exclusive

Behind the scenes documentary short series following the group on from rehearsal to shooting on location as the guys conclude their long stretch world tour. 

Produced/Directed/Shot&Edited by Jonathan Mariande. 

Reel 2016 

Director of Photography (narrative reel)

Lair Television: Mindless Behavior 

In Dallas, finishing a world wide tour, Manager Walter Milsaps III and T.D. Jakes encourage the group to go beyond stardom and be individually, exceptional.    Part one of the docu-series for Lair Television on YouTube. 

Range Rover - THE MACHINE 

Staring and co-created with Alex Beh.  


Found footage and remixed track put together as a campaign pitch for SEARS. 

Resulted in two videos.  

Video one 

Video two 

Tyler Childers - Nose on the Grindstone (Mariande-remix)

 Forest Whittaker from Ghost Dog juxtaposed surfers in Malibu California

Digital Pitch Deck

I made this 1 of 1 copy and printed PDF (below) for an investor to raise finishing funds for post-production on my first feature film ... As good fortune has it I did not get any money from the investor but as they say, "Adversity introduces a man to himself" and this projects undertaking has been the most profound work of my life.  It's also been some of the most challenging times.  Happily, I announce, the dawn is upon me.  I cannot wait to show you this movie. 

Digital Pitch Deck. Designed and Created by Jonathan Mariande.


Actors Steven Releford, Robert Miano, Jerry DeAngelo and cast of The Language of Reason  

Jonathan Mariande - 323.596.1117

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